The 3rd activity of the  project EAT HEALTHY.ACT RESPONSIBLY took place in North Macedonia (Skopje). Not all partners were able to come physically (Romanian group  had to participate virtually enterring Zoom platform).

The topic for C3 was RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION. CRITICAL ATTITUDE TO THE LABELS ON FOOD PRODUCTS. The project partners introduced their funny adverts and let other participants guess what dish they were advertising. Romanian team online presented their colourful and luxurious dishes providing a very useful information so it was not difficult to guess. It was beneficially for English vocabulary to memorize. Catalan group advertised chessnuts and other nuts making filmed presentation from  the market – after the presentation Catalans treated all partners with nuts and dried fruits. Polish pupils advertised pyrogi (dumplins) which are delicious and healthy. In the adverts there ruled fruits because Turkish, Lithuanians and Catalans prferred these healthy products.

The Macedonian coordinator Jeton summarized the presentations and made a theoretical guide HOW TO MAKE A GOOD ADVERT FOR A PRODUCT.

Another task prepared by project partners was 5 STAPLE NATIONAL FOODS which demonstrated the similarity of products which people eat but it was interesting to determine differences of main products in participating countries: Lithuanians depend more on dairy products and eat dark rye bread; Polish use lots of dairy products but eat a lot of dishes made of flour; Catalans, Turks and Macedonians eat  a lot of vegetables and beans. The name for fermented milk is different in these countries: kefir-sauer milk, ayran, yogourt, etc. Recently fermented milk gained a very high rate among  other foods because of  its benefit for human health. It refers to microbiome or bacterias in our digesting tract.

The last activity was to create funny adverts for healthy products and pupils demonstrated their great involvment and creativity. Macedonian partners handed over certificates with the project logo and it was a great time to watch pupils happy being gifted with the acknowleged paper.

Unfortunately due to the Covid regulations pupils had to stay at the hotel and didn‘t have possibility to communicate with each other in  family environment but at the end of activities they became good friends and their interest to Erasmus project increased: they all wanted to meet again in the next activity in Poland forgetting Covid restrictions. In our opinion it is the best evaluation of Erasmus project – physical activities together.

Needless to say, that the participants got acquainted with North Macedonian culture, traditions and the capital Skopje. The trips to Ohrid and Struga towns let all guests to see more of the country.

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