There was so much dancing and moving during the C4 activity of our project. HEALTHY means not only eating but exercising as well. The topic of the activity in Poland was EXPERIMENT ON HEALTHY NUTRITION. The students presented their work done from the 15th of December to the 15th of January. The project participants worked hard studying information about nutritious products, trying to live according healthy eating rules, writing everything down, reporting their achievements to the teachers and putting the material together for presentation.

The fruit of this hard work was the joy presenting to other partners and singing the English song about breakfast together. The project provides a good opportunity not only to study new information, improve   English skills (all this learning procedure the students do at school anyway) but participation in an international project implements the theory into practice where the students learn to finalize their work which they started, prepare it for presentation, they learn their first steps in evaluation of their work.

The hosting school in Czeladzi prepared the rooms for project activities not only at school but the guests could do their presentations at the former factory of steam engines. Baking Cracow bagels was carried out in one old bakery of Cracow. Visiting well equipped museums with interactive guiding the representatives of 6 European countries could evaluate the benefits of European Union.  We educate our pupils introducing history, heritage, promoting their curiosity.

Ironically, participating in the project about healthy nutrition and responsible consumption the students had to try different food in another country and very often they didn’t like the food which they are not used to. Many of foreign students struggled with food but they had to eat to have energy for project activities.

When the project partners returned home some of the parents couldn’t believe that their child appeared   as a brave and active person being abroad. Erasmus projects highlight the features which sometimes are hidden in a person and they need just to occur in a convenient environment.

Meilute Balbieriute, Panevezio K. Paltaroko Gymnasium

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