Nord Macedonian


Today, I’m going to the bazaar. I need some healty fruits. I love fruits and I love games too. Let’s play a game. Guess my fruits.

I buy one from the bazaar. Woow, I come home a thousand. Do you know this fruit? (cevapları almak için biraz bekle)

Some hints, okay. This fruit is round and red. It’s very healthy.


Yess, that’s pomagranate. We can also use it pomagranate molasses. We can use its seeds and skins for painting. It mostly grows in Turkey. It helps to defend our body against to illness.


I need more fruits. Let’s try to guess.

Orange is my elder, I’m younger than its.

Guess what is this fruit?

Orange is my elder, I’m younger than its.


Yess, of course. It’s tangerina.

It’s full of vitamin C. It protects us against illness, like flu. It has vitamin A, E and C.


Now, I buy fruit too and this is my favorite fruit. Let’s try to guess.

It swings in branch, it falls and has honey . Mmm Yummy! But I love this fruit dry. Let’s guess. (cevapları almak için biraz bekle)

Hard to guess, I know. This fruit is special for our country. Dry Fig.


It can be purple or yellow.

People can eat like dry or wet.

It gives energy and protects from illness.